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I want to say a big thank you for stopping by, I’m Naomi 26yrs of age & welcome to Cocktail Minds. If you’re wondering why its called Cocktail Minds but not featuring Cocktails, this is due to the fact that Cocktail Minds is a blog for those coping & dealing with anxiety, depression, anger etc. This space for me is where I’m able to let go of my confused mind & soul that’s constantly being pulled up, down, left, right & then thrown into a awful tasting muddled cocktail.

I created this blog because after losing my best-friend in 2017. I shutdown & struggled to communicate effectively (basically without being angry & aggressive). So as a way to release my inner thoughts & feelings Cocktail Minds was created to document my journey down the yellow brick road of new beginnings.

A friends sister suggested that I do a blog to express all my ‘off the wall thoughts’ but I lacked the confidence as well as courage to put myself out there. In 2017 a lot of things changed for me dramatically, forcing me to embrace the individual that I am. So please feel free to follow me down this path of Motherhood, Health & Beauty, dealing with Anxiety & Depression and much more.

I really hope you enjoy it, I will be predominantly updating every Sunday but you might find a few random posts just thrown up here & there. Please feel free to leave comments or send an email etc.

Peace + Love

Naomi’ Nish’ Nay


Disclaimer: Majority of the pictures I’ve used or will be using have been linked or credited to the creator or photographer. If you don’t see credit on a photo then its either been taken by me or produced by me. Thank you