AJ’s Snack Draw

AJ’s Snack Draw

To start off with I’d just like to say, I absolutely adore the little snacks they have for babies & the toddlers these days, they are just too cute. My son AJ loves his food & snacks so I like to make sure he has a variety of healthy balanced meals, whether that’s my own cooking or shop bought products. He’s able to reach his snack draw now which I feel like is a blessing & a curse, yes he can help himself that’s awesome but then when he decides to empty the draw & throw things all round the kitchen (this can happen 2/3 times a day) I tend to wish the draw was just a little bit higher.

Anyway so this week we’ve stocked up the draw with some of AJ’s favourite products & some new ones, so I hope you enjoy our opinions (based on AJ’s facial expressions). Also all food & snack products can be found in your local supermarkets.




I usually give AJ something light but filling for lunch & maybe a fruit or yoghurt after, recently I picked up the Apricot Chicken & rice meal because it was a flavor I was intrigued by, shockingly he actually ended up enjoying the meal so much I decided to switch from Ella organic meals & give Heinz a try.

2. Ella’s Kitchen

I may have changed brands for AJ’s meals but I well technically WE still love Ella’s Kitchen. Their products & flavours are so inventive, extremely tasty & 100% organic (majority of their products). The Strawberry & Banana puffs as well as the Tomato & Cheese hoops are favourites for AJ, he loves being able to dip his hand in the packet & feed himself it gives him a sense of independence.

3. Organix

When it comes to Organix I tend to purchase the cereals produced by the brand rather than their snacks which are also alright. Off the top of my head I think AJ only seems to like the corn rings. His not too fond of the cheese puffs pictured.

4. Paws

Now this is a new brand I thought we’d give a try, the packaging looks & feels great, makes you feel like your buying your toddler luxurious treats. I picked up the shaped fruits for little man & was really looking forward to him giving them a try. Turns out they weren’t quite to his taste buds.

5. Kiddylicous

Another favourite, the kiddylicous range is great especially the smoothie melts & wafers. A quick snack when on the go, AJ can get through a packet in under 5mins. I’ve had a taste myself & would definitely recommend it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed
Peace + Love



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