My First Treasure Tress Box!

My First Treasure Tress Box!



Starting the Natural Hair Process with Treasure Tress!

Disclaimer; This post contains affiliate links. 

 Welcome back to my page, hope your well, hope your healthy & most importantly I hope you are happy. If you have read my previous post, “That time I did the big chop ” or even if you’ve had a look through my Instagram page you would have seen that earlier this year I decided to finally participate in doing the Big Chop. This post will focus on the aftermath of my big chop & the products used, provided by Treasurrre Tressss

I quite enjoyed the experience of watching my hair grow back, but then I was left with the question of what to do with all the new hair growth. The thought of going through YouTube trying to find a tutorial that would be best suited for me, was just too overwhelming. I had previously watched videos so I kind of had an idea on how to find out what my hair texture was & of course a wash day routine was already in place. So I wasn’t really a novice to natural hair care but I was most definitely a novice to new growth. 

Styling my hair has been a myth, I genuinely have not done a single thing with it but plonk a wig on top. Product wise I don’t even think I was treating my hair with the correct products that it needed, I was still using the same products I used before my hair was shaved and the funny thing is those products weren’t even working with my hair so it was like “Really Naomi, are we still trying the same old methods expecting new results….really?.”  So I ditched those products and decided to sign up for The Treasure Tress Box.

Now for those of you who aren’t aware of what I’m talking about so excitingly, let me fill you in.

Treasure Tress is, and this is according to their official Instagram page, a monthly product discovery box.

Founded by Jamelia Donaldson.  Treasure Tress was specifically created to assist Black women with haircare. The monthly subscription box features several different products each month, the reason behind this is to give Black women an opportunity to discover hair products that would usually be hard to procure within local hair shops or be priced at such an extortionate price, you start questioning whether you actually need the hair on your head.

Treasure Tress I believe is a £20 monthly charge with like £3 p + p. The quality and amount of hair products delivered within the box will have you paying that monthly subscription with no concern. 

Box Content….

I recently signed up & received the June 2019 box, when I opened it up & actually deeped (realised) the products within & their actual individual retail price, I knew I had made the right decision. Within the June box, which was all about Originals by Africa’s Best I received ;

  1. Coconut Creme sulfate-free Moisturising Shampoo (100% Pure Coconut Mike & Aloe Vera)
  2. Coconut Creme Restorative Conditioner also (100% Pure Coconut Milk, Avocado, Grapeseed & Flaxseed oils)
  3. Coconut Creme Leave in Conditioner with the above ingredients + Argan Oil
  4. Coconut Shine Regenerative Oil (Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E)
  5. A beautiful large, thick shower cap. (Trust when I say the shower cap is efficient as my son thinks it’s okay to turn my bath into a swimming pool but still manages to keep his hair superbly dry lol).
  6. Also included were just a few mini samples of the products already provided in the box.

I happened to receive this box on our actual wash day so it was great to be able to dig right in & try out the products & it was an actual pleasure. The conditioner held up amazingly, my short curls loved the deep condition that was done using the products. Also the regenerative Hair Oil spray worked great as quick hydration for my natural hair but it also added some great oomph to my wig. So yeah I would recommend, if you’re still trying to find the right products to best suit you, your hair & your budget, give Treasure Tress a looking at, it will most certainly save you some money, time & probably space in your hair draw/cupboard.

Quick Update: So as I was writing this post the July 2019 Treasure Tress box was delivered & Ohhhhhh Myyyy Dayyys, honey honey, it was just what I needed. Couple couple Shea Moisture products, five to be exact & if you know Shea Moisture, you know it ain’t cheap. So just imagine that, at least £50 worth of products for £20….How can you go wrong?. 





That time I did the BIG CHOP!

That time I did the BIG CHOP!

For yearrrsss I’ve wanted to cut my hair,  I think since I was in school to be fair because I remember when my younger foster sister first did the big chop & I was so gassed and excited for her, I agreed to cut mine the following week. If memory serves correct I believe I made the same promise at least 8 times.(shame on me).

I’d be right to assume people actually got sick of hearing me say it but not actually doing it. What the people close to me didn’t know was that each time I went to cut my hair, I would get distracted by something.  At first I failed to notice the two factors related, I knew I wanted to cut my hair but for some reason I was never able to allocate time to doing it…well it was after a few failed attempts & a long chat with my friend & mentor, did I realise it was only my bloody anxiety, hindering me, as always 🙄.  The thought of making such a dramatic change no matter how badly I wanted it was just too overwhelming for me.

Well this year I decided to take the leap, a lot of negativity had occurred at the start of the year. It genuinely got way too much for me and I kind of had my own little Britney moment with the benefit of my foster sister doing the shaving. 

It was a tremendous moment, I hadn’t had my hair cut since my biological mother shaved my hair at the age of 5. I felt like all the pain & anger from my past was literally falling away to my feet, the weight on my shoulders were slowly unburdening. With each stroke of the clipper I felt the relief engulfing me. 

Having no hair was most certainly a shock to my system. Over the years I’ve experimented on my head in different ways, using relaxers & hair dyes, weaves, wigs a bit of everything. I’ve damaged my hair & brought it back to life again. As black women, our hair is our crown, even when unhealthy & damaged, we try to hold onto it because it’s what we’re used too. I was quickly able to adapt to this change. Although it took me a long time to do it. I did it and for me that is an amazing accomplishment. I love feeling the fresh air on my scalp & being able to actually to feel my scalp.

Everything about my Big Chop was a delight, it came at a point in my life when it was truly needed. For me, personally cutting my hair was a moment of growth. It awakened something in me, encouraging me to cut other toxic things out of my life. 

Before I sign off, I’d like to recommend to my users, if you are planning to shave your hair completely or even an unexpected dramatic cut, definitely make sure you document it. Before and After pictures are amazing to look at, share & keep for memories.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

  – Coco Chanel 




D.I.Y Natural Hair Conditioner 02

D.I.Y Natural Hair Conditioner 02

So today I gave myself an overdue hair treatment, it was overdueeee like 2 months past overdue. I’ve been really slacking with the self-care recently but anyway so today I deep conditioned my hair using my own hair treatment process & natural products as usual. The feeling after was just amazing, it felt like I was rinsing all my troubles away down the drain, getting deep into my scalp & just rejuvenating my hair.

In today’s mixture I used:

  • Shea Butter Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque
    Truly amazing, the texture is like whipped butter, smooth with good coverage & smells beautiful. Main ingredients within the masque are-; Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Shea Butter & Peppermint.
  • Avocado
  • Honey
  • Just a little bit of water

I started of my hair treatment routine by doing an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, parted my hair into four sections, sprayed each section with my ACV + Water solution, covered my hair with a plastic bag (it does the same job as a shower my opinion anyway) and let it work it’s magic.
I rinsed & shampooed my hair using the Shea Butter Strengthen & Restore shampoo with the same ingredients as above & then applied the Masque.
After rinsing again, I trimmed & braided my hair into single braids using Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Smoothie which is made of Coconut, Hibiscus, Silk Protein & Neem Oil. I’ll be wearing this as my protective hairstyle for a couple days while I work on some hair magic….so that is my deep hair treatment process guys, hope you enjoy.

Peace + Love

Aunt Jackie’s Natural Hair Products

Aunt Jackie’s Natural Hair Products

Ohhh yes it’s time to talk about one of my favourite natural hair product ranges, none other than Auntie Jackie’s Curls & Coils Hair products. I found this line umm i’d say about 8/9 months ago & ohh am I ever so grateful.

First of all based on the ingredients, packaging etc I would make a very big assumption that the hairline is aimed at Natural hair ladies but I’m sure it can be used on most hair types. Secondly the smell, oh wow the smell of every single product is just scrumdididelicious. My favourite smell of all is the Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk, the marshmallow roots smell so cute & yesss I know it’s not possible for a scent to be cute but trust me the smell is just adorable.

(Disclosure: There are affiliate links included within this post.)

1. The Defining Curl Whip. Filled with hydrating & moisturising ingredients like Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Flaxseed & Mango Juice the DCW is nothing but amazing. I tend to use it mostly when I want to give my hair some chill time (after washing & air drying). I apply a small amount from root to end & plait my hair in medium sized plaits or twists, depending on my energy level, this is something I do on a chill day or if I’m going to sleep. For your extra curl defined hair-do’s I would recommend using with the Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel. The combination holds curls in quite well & doesn’t leave any white residue.

2. Next we have the Multi-purpose Hair Oil, *sighhhh* I just love it, I really do. The oil isn’t heavy on the scalp, you know some hair oils you can clearly see on your forehead & sideburns, wipe it off & cream your hands with it & what not well this Hair oil is far from that which I’m ever so happy about. Again the product is enriched with Shea Butter & Flaxseed as well as Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed & Ginseng. This product is essentially nourishing for your hair, body, face, hands & nails leaving you moisturised & smelling gooooood!.

3. My favourite my favourite myyyy favourite the Hydrating Silkening Milk, I use this daily not only in my hair but in AJ’s as well, just to give it some quick moisture. Made up with Avocado, Flaxseed, Coconut milk & Marshmallow root. The hydrating silkening milk leaves your hair well nourished, moisturised & once again smelling gorgeous. (Don’t know if you’ve realised yet but I love hair products that give your hair a juicy smell).
The silkening milk is one of my favourites it comes with me everywhere I go, certified handbag product.

4. Right so out of all the products can you believe this is actually the one I use the least, don’t get me wrong the Oh So Clean Moisturising Shampoo is a great product & it does exactly what it says on the bottle but I genuinely prefer the Co-wash shampoo to the actual shampoo. I think it does the same great job but the co-wash has more nurturing products within the bottle. Enriched with Shea Butter & Olive Oil the shampoo most definitely leaves your hair feeling soft & manageable.

5. The Instant Detangling Therapy does exactly what the bottle says detangling natural hair as well as knotted weaves. Queen of all the products this detangling serum does absolute wonders, allowing you to finger comb or brush your hair with great ease. Filled with Shea Butter & Olive oil this product is moisturising, nourishing & absolutely amazing.

6. I kid you not, The Curls & Coils Co-wash Shampoo is something else, I use it more than I wish I did. Compared to the other products, I’ve had to replace the bottle at least 5 times once May. I just love it, leaves my hair soft & manageable without losing its ooomph! Enriched with Flaxseeds, Avocado, Coconut & Apple Cider Vinegar it’s nothing but pure natural greatness.

7. The Elongating Curling Gel oh wow, if you struggle with finding a gel that will hold your natural hair real slick, than look no further this is the one. Honestly my hair struggles when it comes to Gel, it usually just sits on my hair & adds like a weird extra frizz but this one does wonders, I sometimes have to mix a small amount with some EcoStyler to give it that extra hold but all in all the Gel is worth buying. Side note: Also great for; Twists, Flat twists, China bumps & any other curl enhancing style you wish to wear.


This is not a sponsoring post, it’s just my opinion & review on an underrated product line. I hope you enjoyed it. 


Peace + Love


Dark Skin vs Light Skin…the effect of Colorism

Dark Skin vs Light Skin…the effect of Colorism

In today’s generation it’s hard not to compare yourself to others or compete with others. With social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook everything is put out for the world too see, comment on & judge. Problems & issues that weren’t so big before social media are now magnified 1000x more. Take for instance the continuous debate on Dark skin vs Light skin women. An issue that has been about since slavery days.

In the 17th Century William ‘Willie’ Lynch, a British slave owner who had settled in the west Indies, wrote and delivered a speech to fellow slave owners who had problems with controlling their slaves. In his speech he stated fool proof instructions if used correctly could ensure control over Black slaves for 300+ years. One being the separation of slaves he used their fear and distrust against them pitting young against old, men against women & light skin slaves against dark skin slaves. He ended the speech with; “Gentlemen, these kits are your keys to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them, never miss an opportunity. IF USED INTENSELY FOR ONE YEAR, THE SLAVES THEMSELVES WILL REMAIN PERPETUALLY DISTRUSTFUL. Thank you gentlemen.” Lets make a slave.  Sourced: Willie Lynch Letter

In her novel The Bluest Eye (1970), Toni Morrison depicts the effects of the legacy of 19th century racism for poor black people in the United States. The novel tells of how the daughter of a poor black family, Pecola Breedlove, internalizes white standards of beauty to the point where she goes mad. Her fervent wish for blue eyes comes to stand for her wish to escape the poor, unloving, racist environment in which she lives.

In the 21st century the Doll test,  originally done by psychologists “ Kenny and Mamie Clark ” in the 1940’s was recreated by high school student Kiri Davies and once again it was shown that young black children still viewed black dolls as being bad and ugly.  Her results are shown in a short film calledGirl Like Me

Growing up I dramatically lacked confidence that wasn’t brought on from alcohol. At a young age because I was made to feel unwanted & unloved by my own parents, I carried those traits on as a teenager & well into adulthood. In secondary school, before social media highlighted people’s lack of confidence it was the football pitch that did that or whatever green grass etc that was available in your school. That was always the best way to get noticed right? Although I never did get noticed standing next to my light skin friends, I was always known as the Black one, never by my actual name just the black one. On one I occasion I was actually referred to as ‘Wally’ from the book Where’s Wally, this was due to being one black girl amidst a bunch of mixed women.

You see a majority of my friends in school were of mixed heritage. In those days being mixed race was like being part of the royal family (okay that’s a bit exaggerated but you get what I mean). Mixed race people were put on a high pedestal because like my classmates used too say ‘they were like Hovis, the best of both worlds’ or ‘Pic’n’Mix’. Their light complexion & long hair stamped them as beautiful. Whereas black girls weren’t considered beautiful or worthy of being girlfriend material because of our short hair, dark skin, rude attitude etc. Whatever belittling excuse they could come up with. As a teenage girl I was constantly comparing myself to my friends & associates. What could I improve to get the same attention they got, how could I behave, what could I wear. I changed my dress sense a couple times, even permed my hair but I still wasn’t comfortable next to my friends.

For as long as I can remember Black woman & Mixed women have always been pitted against each other, not only by men but also by society e.g. In the Media, Front of house job roles, Public speaking/Politics & sometimes even within our own family. The most common saying I always grew up hearing was that mixed raced people were confused & as a youngster I never got it, it weren’t until I came of age I realised it meant being mixed with different races, according to elderly black woman I’ve spoken too, mixed race people had to be confused not knowing which race to stick with or claim. Now if I was a mixed person & consistently heard this I too would feel some kind of way towards black people & vice versa with the comments made about black girls.

“People’s desire to have a particular skin tone, be it a darker or lighter one, stems from them wanting to be more attractive and sometimes for others to take notice. And more often than not, in the case of an individual who has undergone skin lightening here in Africa, it works. The critics might be unwilling to concede this publicly, but the harsh truth is that in Africa, lighter skinned girls do get more attention and are more appreciated than darker skinned women.”Source: dark-skin-vs-light-skin-the-effect-of-colorism

So knowing this, as women of colour, how do we come together & tackle an issue that’s been around since the 17th century because it’s clear as day the issue is still relevant (Below i’ll post a video that was recently uploaded online, specifically relating to this issue). I find that young girls are now feeling the pressure even more due to social media platforms. I’ve heard young girls discussing bleaching their skin & having weave to conform to society’s notion of being light skin with long hair, to get further in life. This hurts my heart especially seeing young black men who are able to put down a young black girl with such ease you would never think they were brought into the world by a black woman.

I believe educating the younger generation is key, no matter what colour or race they are. Young girls, women, boys & men need to be educated first of all on integrity, having morals & knowing how to unite instead of bringing others down. Secondly culture, the more young people that understand their own culture & background the more confidence they’ll gain within themselves, I truly believe this. Lastly I think young people should be taught how to communicate with each other effectively. There may not always be someone of authority or influence available to guide & advise a young person, so if it’s possible for a young person to give advice to another, Why not? If someone can turn to you & discuss their lack of confidence, depression, anxiety etc. Be that ear for them, trust me you just listening could benefit that person in so much ways.


The purpose for this post was to give a shout out to women of colour, despite the ups & down that black women experience, we are all sisters at the end of the day if you can help a fellow sister out why not aye?!
Just a little mantra I say to myself when I’m feeling really down: I am beautiful, black + beautiful to be precise. No I don’t need to be told I’m pretty for a black girl, I know & love myself. This is how the Lord blessed me & ain’t it great!


Featured Image By: Alicia Robison