Shhh…It’s A Secret

Shhh…It’s A Secret

So I’m well aware The Secret has been around for several years & many individuals have used the Book or Movie to personally adjust their lives & the energy surrounding them. I personally felt I wasn’t ready to delve into that aspect of life, I don’t know why but I just wasn’t interested, I felt that it was impossible to just change your whole thought process & emotions based off reading a book or watching a movie….until recently.
After having a conversation with a friend I chose to watch two movies titled The Secret. Both videos were based on The Law of Attraction but one delved more deeper into the energy given out into the universe & the tasks we can do to adjust our way of thinking, while the second video focused on attracting happiness, great relationships and wealth among many other things.
While watching the videos I was definitely taking notes, comparing what the speakers were saying to my personal life & I found that a lot of the things that were being said I could strongly relate to. One thing that was said struck me, what I gathered from my own understanding was that, at times when we’re down & depressed we tend to think & say a lot of negative things which end up manifesting into reality & this is due to the thoughts & words we put out there into the Universe.
So I decided to set myself a challenge, for 30 days I will channel the advice given in The Secret to achieve the Law of attraction. A few things I’ve been doing is visualising my dreams so that they’re able to materialise, I’ve also been speaking out loud (daily) the things & people I’m grateful for, letting the universe know I am truly grateful.

Now I know there may not be a dramatic change in my life within 30days but I do know they will be a change & as long as there’s a possibility, there isn’t really any harm in trying is there?

Take a stand for your own happiness guys, give this 30 Day challenge a try with me & let’s see what positive impact we can have on ourselves.

Peace + Love

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

So Today, (10/10/17) is Mental Health Awareness Day, (yes I am completely aware of the date shown on the post).  Although the focus & awareness for Mental Health should not be limited to one day today is the day where around the world we take a minute to stop, acknowledge and support the fight against Mental Health.
This year the World Health Organisation (WHO) are spotlighting Mental Health within the Workplace, a topic not discussed enough.

When you feel swamped with emotions & weighed down by your anxiety, work is the last thing you want to concentrate on, socialising with colleagues just seems intolerable but yet you feel obligated to participate & continuously attempt to work efficiently. Credits due if your able to hold your poise within your work place & bury your feelings but I believe (& this is just my personal opinion) that doing this will later cause one of two things;- 1. An outburst within your workplace resulting in a weird/uncomfortable work setting for yourself & colleagues or 2. You begin to view work as a negative space, the thought of waking up to go to work everyday puts you in a foul mood resulting in a negative attitude towards work. Both result in an unproductive work setting.

The aim for this years Mental Health Awareness is to encourage Employers & Managers to implement methods to support Mental Health within the workplace by promoting the health, safety & wellbeing of all employees. I read a couple methods that would be great if implemented within the workplace correctly;
– Addressing negative workplace dynamics
– Job redesign
– Flexible hours
– Supportive & Confidential communication with management

It’s time to talk guys, if you feel like your workplace needs a bit of encouragement in supporting mental health don’t be afraid to bring it to your manager. Help spread the message guys.

Peace + Love


Side note: I am aware of the date I posted, I actually fell asleep before getting the chance to post on the 10th. My apologies.x

The Purpose Driven Life

The Purpose Driven Life

I recently committed myself to reading a scripture out of the bible daily as well as a chapter a day out of a book titled ‘The Purpose Driven Life’

Isn’t it annoying when you unexpectedly wake up to a sucky day. I mean everything sucks, one thing seems to go wrong causing a domino effect throughout your day. I recently had one of those days, it caused me to stop & assess my purpose in life.

To be honest I think it started from the night before. I stayed up through the night reading up on a young American girl who was recently murdered & left in a freezer, just reading & researching the story clouded my mood & my heart resulting in me having an irritable sleep. So the minute I woke up it was inevitable i’d be in a bad mood. I felt like there was nothing I could do that would pull me out of this mood but I gave it a try anyway. Pulled myself out of bed & attempted to make a hearty ‘get your day started’ breakfast. Well lets just say that didn’t go to plan, I ended up staring at my open cupboards for about 20 minutes hoping a creative idea would jump out at me, that didn’t happen either. I started to stress, a task so small but yet I just couldn’t follow through with it. I tried to take a breath to calm my anxiety. Why was such a simple task causing such an issue? Why couldn’t I just make a decision? This had me thinking about my entire life, I can never make decisions & stick to them. My indecisiveness is my biggest weakness, a simple decision that can be answered quite easily for others requires time & a whole lot of overthinking for me. On a bad day my overthinking can lead me to start feeling sorry for myself, I develop this woe is me attitude, ashamed of myself & my failures. Once I’m in this state it’s quite hard to get out of. I begin scrutinising every failure i’ve occurred, picking my life apart bit by bit, punishing myself with the memories. Literally verbally & mentally abusing myself.

For other individuals a sucky day can be overcome quite easily. I find that people who deal with depression find it’s far from easy. A rubbish day turns into a rubbish week where I question my reason & purpose for being on this planet, for receiving certain blessings that others would appreciate much more.

I dwell on these factors believing this is me, this is the failure I was created to be, this is my purpose but and that is a BIG BUT that is not the case. I can not stress enough how important your purpose is, whether it’s to make an impact out there in the world or positively influence yours or your families life there is a reason for your life & despite the trials & tribulations of it, it is always possible to overcome it.
I’m going to end this post with a scripture I read out of the book The Purpose Driven Life, that I personally felt touched my heart & allowed me to get up and start over.

I know what I’m planning for you…I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope & a good future.’ Jeremiah 29:11

Peace + Love


My Awakening

My Awakening

Today something came over me, something powerful & endearing. I experienced an Awakening. I don’t know where it came from but it took over.

I stopped everything I was doing & bent my knees to pray (now this is something I don’t really do, if I pray it’s usually in whatever spot I’m already in). Today I got on my knees & prayed. I prayed for guidance & support. I thanked God for all that he has done, all this time I thought I wasn’t being listened too & that I was just here with no purpose.
Oh how I was wrong, all this time I’ve  known what I wanted or needed to do in life, I’ve always wanted to help those similar to myself but a lack of faith within myself kept me holstered. I’ve let opportunities & blessings fly by, becoming complacent with my life not believing I had what it took to accomplish these opportunities but not today. Today I had my awakening, I manifested the signs God has been sending me & I prayed on them. I decided no more holding myself back I will fulfill what God has proclaimed for me.
It’s going to be a hard journey, I know but it’s one I’m willing to commit too, if helping myself means I can help someone else experience their awakening & encourage the positivity within that individual, why shouldn’t I push myself to do so?. I’ve got so much goals to complete when it comes to Cocktail Minds & I’m ever so excited. 

My next step will be too overcome the barriers I hold in front of myself by becoming more organised, using my excitement as a stepping stone rather than a way to escape reality & networking more with similar individuals.

My depression will not rule me forever, it’s ruled my life for far too long, holding me back & beating me down. Today i’m rising off the ground head & fist held high ready to conquer!.

Top 5 Anxiety Hangups

Top 5 Anxiety Hangups

My Top 5 Anxiety Hangups

1. Failing as a mother

Everyday without fail, I wonder if i’m doing everything I can for AJ, he has a set routine which I love but it’s the in between that worries me. I’m always worrying about whether i’m doing enough for him socially & educationally. Is he learning enough? Am I giving him enough attention for his development. Do I need to do more activities with him?. Then the hyperventilating kicks in, the tears follow & all of a sudden i’m a bad mother. This happens quite regularly because of my lack of self-confidence when infact my son is the happiest & most entertaining/entertained child i’ve had the pleasure of being around. At 14months he says “thank you” & has the capability to understand the counting process when his misbehaving, among other things. My anxiety doesn’t allow me to enjoy these facts though,instead i’m constantly anxious & berating myself to do more.

2. Failure

These days I would like to blame social media (but I won’t) for making people feel like they are failing in life. Seeing the luxury lives being lived on Instagram, the beautiful women, clothes, cars etc. It produces a sense of envy & disdain, for myself it does anyway. It makes me feel as if i’m not doing or accomplishing enough to gain the luxury material things that I see & want . Keywords: Material & Want (not need). I have to remind myself that everyone has the same 24hrs & it’s really up to yourself what you do with it to achieve the things you need in life. It’s up to you to get up & push yourself to achieve the greatness that’s within you.

3. Opinions of others

Most of the time I really do try to live my life unaffected by the thoughts & opinions of others but on days when I’m caught off guard, it does wreak havoc on my anxiety. I become wary & distrusting of everyone based on one individuals actions.
Actor Anthony Hopkins stated such an important FACT that I’ve now decided to abide by. He said & I quote “My philosophy is: It’s none of my business what people say of me & think of me. I am what I am and I do what I do. I expect nothing & accept everything. And it makes life so much easier.” Try living by that philosophy for a week or two, see how it makes you feel.

4. Death

The funny thing is I’m not fearful of death, it’s the aftermath of death, the effect death has on people left to handle it. The fear affects me to the point I don’t like leaving my house sometimes, if I do I’m particular about certain routes I drive, the time of day as well as distance. I imagine the worse scenarios in my head & consistently play them on repeat which usually urges me to get home faster to safety. I pray my fears away but at times they can be very overwhelming. At the end of the day, death is inevitable I guess when it’s your time it is what it is but for me being unprepared gives me anxiety. The thought of leaving my son ugh gives me the shivers

5. Being lonely

The singular word ‘lonely’ gives me severe anxiety, despite having a child & wanting to get married & grow with my Husband, for some reason i’ve just always envisioned myself being lonely forever. Especially with my background, I never believed I would find someone who would be willing to take on my faults as well as my families. Someone who would stand by my side & support me through thick & thin. No I have still not found that person but i’m more open minded to the fact that I don’t have to be lonely forever & maybe just maybe all these years of talking about being lonely has actually manifested the trait within me. I try not to stay within my bubble too often these days even though it is extremely hard to not revert back to my introvert ways but it is possible & I will continuously push myself to do so.


Peace + Love Guys
Hope you can read & relate please feel free to let me know your thoughts.










Disclaimer: Image taken from instagram page: SavingDaughters