Okay so I’m very late to the party, I think I am anyway but it doesn’t matter because I’ve finally joined the party The Insecure party and when I say this is a show that must be watched. It Must Be Watched.
After Game of Thrones and Power decided to you know give us their final episodes, I just weren’t sure what I was going to fill my TV time slot with. Then I saw a friend from America had posted on Facebook about her night of TV catch-up . Insecure was one of them, I weren’t sure if she had misspelt something. So I went to check it out online, found it & thought ‘hey lets give this a try’. I ended up watching Season 2 Episode 7 first and seriously I think I got about 10 minutes into it & can you believe within a day I had gone back & finished Season 1 and was well into Season 2…WOW what an awesome show. It discusses every subject you could possibly think of. As a Black woman with insecurities, this show gives perspective on what it’s like to live within today’s society. The struggles of finding your feet in relationships, friendships & work while dealing with insecurities and anxiety. Insecure really opens up your eyes to the various natures of people’s ways. I would recommend this show, I think a majority of the topics discussed within the episodes are valid, Issa Rae makes you feel like she’s in your mind. As if your going through the same experiences and to be honest in today’s day and age I think that’s what we need on TV for 2017. Programs that not only Black women can relate too but every woman of any race. So yeah check it out, if you’re like me, you might just get really addicted and watch the whole season within a day. I recommend it for everyone because not only does she embrace the issues that young women face today but she does it in a manner that allows you to face your own insecurities and kind of make a joke out of it. I love that & oh my days the soundtrack for the series is absolutely amazing, I am most definitely recommending watching this series. For all females out there with Insecurities add this to your favourites list!


P.S If you ever watched Girlfriends back in the day, you’ll like this show I feel like its a 2017 adaptation of Girlfriends.


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