My First Treasure Tress Box!

My First Treasure Tress Box!



Starting the Natural Hair Process with Treasure Tress!


 Welcome back to my page, hope your well, hope your healthy & most importantly I hope you are happy. If you have read my previous post, “That time I did the big chop ” or even if you’ve had a look through my Instagram page you would have seen that earlier this year I decided to finally participate in doing the Big Chop. This post will focus on the aftermath of my big chop & the products used, provided by Treasurrre Tressss

I quite enjoyed the experience of watching my hair grow back, but then I was left with the question of what to do with all the new hair growth. The thought of going through YouTube trying to find a tutorial that would be best suited for me, was just too overwhelming. I had previously watched videos so I kind of had an idea on how to find out what my hair texture was & of course a wash day routine was already in place. So I wasn’t really a novice to natural hair care but I was most definitely a novice to new growth. 

Styling my hair has been a myth, I genuinely have not done a single thing with it but plonk a wig on top. Product wise I don’t even think I was treating my hair with the correct products that it needed, I was still using the same products I used before my hair was shaved and the funny thing is those products weren’t even working with my hair so it was like “Really Naomi, are we still trying the same old methods expecting new results….really?.”  So I ditched those products and decided to sign up for The Treasure Tress Box.

Now for those of you who aren’t aware of what I’m talking about so excitingly, let me fill you in.

Treasure Tress is, and this is according to their official Instagram page, a monthly product discovery box.

Founded by Jamelia Donaldson.  Treasure Tress was specifically created to assist Black women with haircare. The monthly subscription box features several different products each month, the reason behind this is to give Black women an opportunity to discover hair products that would usually be hard to procure within local hair shops or be priced at such an extortionate price, you start questioning whether you actually need the hair on your head.

Treasure Tress I believe is a £20 monthly charge with like £3 p + p. The quality and amount of hair products delivered within the box will have you paying that monthly subscription with no concern. 

Box Content….

I recently signed up & received the June 2019 box, when I opened it up & actually deeped (realised) the products within & their actual individual retail price, I knew I had made the right decision. Within the June box, which was all about Originals by Africa’s Best I received ;

  1. Coconut Creme sulfate-free Moisturising Shampoo (100% Pure Coconut Mike & Aloe Vera)
  2. Coconut Creme Restorative Conditioner also (100% Pure Coconut Milk, Avocado, Grapeseed & Flaxseed oils)
  3. Coconut Creme Leave in Conditioner with the above ingredients + Argan Oil
  4. Coconut Shine Regenerative Oil (Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E)
  5. A beautiful large, thick shower cap. (Trust when I say the shower cap is efficient as my son thinks it’s okay to turn my bath into a swimming pool but still manages to keep his hair superbly dry lol).
  6. Also included were just a few mini samples of the products already provided in the box.

I happened to receive this box on our actual wash day so it was great to be able to dig right in & try out the products & it was an actual pleasure. The conditioner held up amazingly, my short curls loved the deep condition that was done using the products. Also the regenerative Hair Oil spray worked great as quick hydration for my natural hair but it also added some great oomph to my wig. So yeah I would recommend, if you’re still trying to find the right products to best suit you, your hair & your budget, give Treasure Tress a looking at, it will most certainly save you some money, time & probably space in your hair draw/cupboard.

Quick Update: So as I was writing this post the July 2019 Treasure Tress box was delivered & Ohhhhhh Myyyy Dayyys, honey honey, it was just what I needed. Couple couple Shea Moisture products, five to be exact & if you know Shea Moisture, you know it ain’t cheap. So just imagine that, at least £50 worth of products for £20….How can you go wrong?. 






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