This is a quick short posts I really wanted to put out there because I’ve found one of my biggest weaknesses…Procrastination.

I’ve always been aware that I possessed the great skill of procrastination but I didn’t realise how talented I was at procrastinating, I am very talented believe me! I set myself a task this week which I half completed because I allowed myself to be distracted by Murder She Wrote (yes I’m a fan, don’t judge lol) & instead of getting back to work when the episode ended I decided to watch Two Seasons instead, telling myself I had plenty of time  (procrastination at its finest).

Have you ever been sitting, daydreaming away & all of a sudden a 💡 goes off in your head. A Project idea you’ve been trying to put together, A recipe you’ve been trying to re-create or maybe even bills & letters that you’ve been meaning to get too but have been avoiding until that 💡flickered , gave you a bit of energy.
So there you are ready to start completing your task & then that little voice in your head starts niggling away…

‘Do it tomorrow.’ 🤥
‘You’ve got plenty of time to do it.’🤥🤥
‘It’s not going anywhere.’🤥🤥🤥
‘Put on Murder She Wrote.’🤦🏾‍♀️

Let the procrastinating begin….

Next thing you know it’s a week later & you still haven’t completed anything, papers are still in the same pile you left them in & once again your waiting for that lightbulb to go off.
Imagine the amount of opportunities missed within that week or the progress that could of been made & at the end of the day who was it that stopped your progression…nobody but yourself. You allowed the little devil on your shoulder to destroy your confidence & keep you down. Only recently (today) did I realise how easily I allow myself to be distracted & once distracted all energy, excitement, confidence is taken out of me.

1 Peter 5:8 ~ Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

Once you allow that small voice to wedge itself into your subconscious, it begins to plant seeds of self-doubt, having you question your ideas & your ability to go through with them. Once again the procrastination begins, if this sounds familiar to you, wouldn’t you agree that it’s time for a change?

Tip : When I know I’ve got work to complete or posts to write I begin by listing my daily tasks for the day in prioritised order & then follow with putting on my noise cancelling headphones & getting to work. That’s it!  My music takes over & encourages me to flow with the day rather than run from it. As Les Brown says “It’s not over until you win, your dream is possible.”
As long as you keep trying Everyday & cancelling out the noise from that small voice there’s nothing stopping you from winning.!

Peace + Love 



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