You Are My Son-Shine!

You Are My Son-Shine!

I haven’t blogged about my Son-Shine for quite some time now, I think the last post written was AJ’s Antics! I was definitely in a different head space back then, alone and far from my support base, I had struggled as a new Mother but that, my dear readers is a story for another day.

AJ (short for Azaiyah-Jordan for those not aware.) is now a thriving 3 year old….going on 23. He’s my Son-Shine (You get it right? You get it loool.) Yes my son also has to deal with my dodgy sense of humour and no he is not a fan. To be fair though I actually think he’s developing my sense of humour, isn’t that great.


The Bond Between a Mother & Son

A parent is meant to be a child’s first teacher, first confidant, first love, first best-friend etc. Yes, I am all these things for my son but I’ve come to realise that AJ is, in fact, all these things for me.

When my best friend passed away, it sounds crazy to say but it was my son who comforted me the most. At the time he hadn’t even reached his 1st birthday. I remember on one occasion I had a random crying outburst. AJ climbed onto the sofa, sat behind me and gave me a hug from behind. Of course, this display of empathy from a baby made me cry even harder, which made him hug me even tighter.

Although I had been telling everyone from the moment he was born, it was at this point I definitely believed AJ, my bright son-shine, was an old soul.

I Love Everything About Him!

AJ is strong, caring, loving and empathetic, He’s smart, charming, energetic and comedic. He is the sunshine on a cloudy day, forever bringing smiles and laughter to those around him.

Yes, of course, like any other child he has his times but it’s those stressful moments where he becomes my teacher. Teaching me how to be more patient, how to slow down and gain an understanding/appreciation of the moment whether good or bad. He teaches me how to let go, be silly and laugh at myself. At this present moment, I’ve stopped writing like three times to play Sensei & Ninja Warrior and if you ever saw the kids antics. Honestly, it’s too much to cope with, he’s just absolutely hilarious.

Let’s Sprinkle A Bit of Knowledge

A while back during a chat with a friend, she got me into researching Indigo children. I personally believe AJ definitely identifies and displays traits & characteristics of an Indigo child, so before I leave you, I’ll be inserting a piece of knowledge to educate and inform us all (Yes all because I’m learning too.) on the topic of Indigo/Crystal children, check the link below.

“Indigo Children are often referred to as wise beyond their years or old souls. From a very young age, they start communicating at an advanced level and amaze others with their insight and knowledge. While it has nothing to do with IQ level or intelligence they just have a natural awareness and acute perception.”

AJ’s Antics!

AJ’s Antics!

Well…I have been contemplating whether or not to relay this story on here for awhile. I can actually laugh about it now but at the time I was highly annoyed & agitated.

So a couple weeks ago on a Sunday, I had to go to Asda just to grab a few essentials for Sunday dinner, my car was off the road, resulting in me having to catch taxi there & back. Now the problems began the minute I got AJ out the taxi & into his pram. It started off with small little moaning noises & by the time we reached the last aisle, it was full blown wails. When I got too the checkout all heads in the store were turned towards AJ & myself. It was so awkward I felt I had to make a joke to the entire store literally the entire store gave a little chuckle, easing my anxiety just a little bit.
A few of the cashiers that regularly see us tried to calm AJ, make him laugh etc nothing seemed to be working that day.

I called a taxi from within Asda & went to stand outside to give people’s ears a break, it was really needed believe me. It was raining outside but I thought the fresh air might do us both some justice….well I was definitely wrong about that.
AJ’s lungs echoed throughout the car park, I could feel the stares & the the heat rising up my spine, my eyes were darting everywhere trying to avoid the stares of people passing by. In the 45 minutes that I stood & waited for my taxi, my anxiety was on high alert.

While I waited AJ was still wailing & the stares were increasing….all of a sudden a woman I had seen walking in earlier had come back & was stood in front of me. “You alright bab, everything ok with you, would you like a lift home.” I was genuinely shell shocked & embarrassed, did I look that sad & desperate a stranger was willing to have me & my child in her car. The thought made me crumble inside, I politely refused her offer & continued waiting for my taxi in shame & embarrassment.
5 minutes later another woman came up too us, offering food, she automatically assumed AJ was crying due to hunger, she offered to buy him food from Asda, once again I politely refused. I felt a mix of emotions at first I was angry, why would she automatically assume AJ was hungry, if you’ve met my son then you know what i’m talking about, AJ is very well fed, I never step out the house without ensuring his belly’s full. Then I thought ‘well you know what it was nice of her to offer at the end of the day, I shouldn’t be angry.’
At this point my head was going berserk, where was my taxi?, why was I not at home? & why on earth was AJ still crying?.
Speaking to AJ’s dad calmed me down for about ten minutes until a man at the cashpoint decided to speak. “Is he not your child?, is that why he’s crying?.” I was speechless for a couple seconds & then my mouth just went off on it’s own rant ‘No he’s Jesus’s baby, i’m just babysitting’ & a few other choice words I won’t repeat followed but that was it for me, the final straw I was sick off it, every taxi rank I had previously called received an angry call back & can you believe all three taxi ranks pulled up at the same time. I was fuming!
2 minutes later we were in the taxi, I weren’t wasting no time & i’m sure the whole of Asda appreciated my quick departure. As soon as we entered & was comfortable in the taxi…..AJ fell asleep, seriously like knocked out clean. I couldn’t do anything but laugh. As soon as I got home I felt myself calming down in my own comfortable surroundings. I found myself reassessing the whole situation.

What bothered me first of all was that, each person that spoke to me assumed that I needed assistance. Hats off to them for offering but the thought of them assuming I was incompetent of looking after my own child bugged the hell out of me. Another issue I dont like is that at times, not all the time but at times, I find that older people feel the need to exert themselves & their experiences into a young mothers life, not too say that help & advice isn’t needed from the older generation, I just think it should be given when asked for.

Young mums have such an unflattering & negative stigma held over them it’s awful & degrading.
I understand that there are a few young parents out there who don’t behave like they’ve been blessed but a majority that I know & i’m aware of are really great parents. I wholeheartedly believe that fellow individuals within my generation are amazing parents despite having kids at a young age, or having an unfortunate upbringing I’ve found that some young parents have found a way to overcome the faults thrown at them. Instead of relying on alcohol & drugs to block out reality, or benefits & men to live daily. I’ve seen young mothers push to succeed, continuing with education during pregnancies instead of dropping out, working more hours to ensure they’re kids can have anything they desire while still pregnant. Graduating from university while raising toddlers & working. I just think young mothers of today are amazing & yes I may seem bias but i’m most definitely speaking from an observing point & from what I’ve observed. We-Are-A-mazing!

People may put young mothers down, they may discriminate as well but please pay no mind, we are a generation of go-getters, a generation of fighters & believers, a generation of possibilities. Don’t forget that, when things start to become overwhelming or people start inserting their two pences into your life, remember your accomplishments as a young mother, its no walk in the park but you do it daily.

Peace + Love


Nothing beats a mothers love, old or young. 

My 1st attempt at Frozen Yoghurt

  1. So AJ’s father recently brought over some pears his mother grew over the past summer. I’m not a big pear eater, not a big eater of most fruits to be honest, unless they’re baked into a dessert but anyway, he brought over quite a lot & for a while I’d been contemplating what to do with them.
    Then today after deciding I was sick of buying the same types of yoghurts for AJ I thought why not make our own. If you’ve got a selection of fruits why don’t you give it a try, the only extra things needed is an All Natural Yoghurt & a blender.

For our 1st attempt we made a Pear & Orange Frozen Yoghurt;

1 Orange sliced & diced
1 Orange – Juiced
2 Sliced & diced juicy Pears
2 tsp of Honey
2 cups of Natural yoghurt

I was a bit wary of how AJ would like it, his been a bit funny with his fruits recently but to my amazement he actually loved it, I gave him a little taste before adding them to the freezer for about 45 minutes. The texture & temperature was just right for AJ especially due to the fact he’s currently teething. He ended up demolishing both batches I made & cried for more. I’m happily confident he enjoyed the frozen yoghurt.
Will most certainly be doing this a lot more & trying out different fruity flavours.

Let me know if you come up with any amazing flavours, it’s lovely too share mumma’s.

Peace + Love

Becoming a Mother

Becoming a Mother

In May 2016 I became a mother, it was the most incredible experience I had ever gone through. From the first contraction to the minute my baby was in my arms was a blur of emotions. I knew at that moment, no matter how petrified & uncertain I was of the future, my child would be okay.
10 months before that awesome day in May, I was completely unaware I was pregnant, I found out after booking a regular checkup & even though I had actually prayed to have a lil bundle of joy that would love me with as much love as I had to offer, it still came as a complete an utter shock when the doctor told me I was having a baby. I was not prepared mentally or physically to have a child, living in a shared accommodation, drinking a lot, arguing with anyone that spoke. My thoughts were even more selfish. ‘How could I be so stupid?’ ‘My life is ruined’, ‘I won’t ever get time to myself anymore’. This brain was definitely a Jumbled Julep.
The rest of week consisted of me inflicting pain on myself as punishment, guilt, anger, confusion & tears then out of the blue on the Friday morning I woke up, happy as Larry at the thought of a little strawberry growing within me. I remember phoning my older cousin & telling her “I can’t give up this child but I can’t raise this child” & went on to bawl my eyes out while listing all the reasons I couldn’t raise a child, she replied “Naomi, what’s the first thing you said to me” I racked my Woo Woo mind trying to remember. “Is it that I couldn’t give up the child” She said “Naomi if that’s the 1st thing that came out of your mouth, Don’t you think you’ve already made up your mind.” At this point I knew there was no going back. I was having this child & not a single person was going to deter me from this path.
I embraced every step of my pregnancy, downloaded multiple apps. I changed my diet, ate more healthy & I exercised daily. It felt like it took foreeeverrr for my belly to grow but once it did it was unbelievable. I lived for the moments my baby moved or kicked, the feeling was indescribable, having an actual human being living inside you is definitely one of the weirdest things I’ve ever attempted to describe.
The day my love arrived was absolutely hilarious, now that I think about it……It definitely wasn’t at the time. I woke up to use the toilet & went back to sleep, woke up again, went back to sleep, when I woke up the third time I realised hmm maybe something just isn’t right here……Then the pain hit me, it was the worst pain I’d ever felt (by the age of 17, I’d already had 6/7 tattoos but shh that’s another story lol). 1min I was laughing my head off with his Aunty haha-ing away then the next minute I was crawling on the floor like a possessed woman, screaming my head off. I had to wait half an hour for my child’s father to come pick me up to then drive half an hour back to Birmingham.
You always picture it like the movies, your water breaks once, does the whole gushing routine & boom here’s your baby, cleaned & wrapped up…..Mhmm no, that was far from reality. My water broke three times, threeeee. I practically created a lake in the car, the seatbelt almost strangled babies Nan with all the kicking & flailing around I was doing on the backseat. By the time I got to the hospital I had to be pulled out the car like Superman with half of me looking like I’d been down a water slide.
Within 10mins of getting inside the hospital, our little boy arrived into the world, legs kicking just like his mum. It was so overwhelming, all those months I’d waited to meet him & here he finally was all 7 pounds 11 of him, my greatest accomplishment.
AJ’s first year went by so slow but so fast, he was crawling at 6 months, had attitude by 9 months & was on his feet waddling about by 11months. Watching him grow & learn is so mind blowing, I truly wish I had, had the courage to create this blog beforehand so that I could share the journey with my readers but it’s never too late & I hope you all join me in this journey of motherhood.
P.s I’ve added my favourite picture of 2016 below, my most proudest moment ever 💖